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Inspiration – Salesman Buck

The french have a bit of a history of creating some very compelling and stylized animation. These two shorts are just amazing. I wish someone would make a movie like this. Meet Buck is my favorite of the two. How about you?

Check out their galleries or contact the artists here.


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You got FCP in my Maya 2k11!

Did you know you could integrate your FCP files into your Maya scene? I certainly did not. This vid was sent to me by a coworker and I think it will easily work itself into my permanent work flow. Basically you can set up clips in a sequence in FCP and bring it into Maya. Maya will then translate that into multiple cameras and image planes for an easy pre-viz setup. Yall know any other cool things like this?

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Inspiration – Bird Banker

Here is another great image from the CGsociety forums. The artist, Iker Cortázar, does a great job in every aspect of the image. The composition is simple, but really showcases the character. This guy is shrewd for sure. Would you want him as your banker?

Check out more of Iker’s work at his portfolio page.

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Tips & Tricks – AE hidden gems

I found this post on the After Effects Facebook page. If you are an AE user I highly recommend liking them on Facebook. I find a good amount of useful information through that.

This page is just a preview of an upcoming book, but I did learn a few small things. Hopefully the book will be even more useful.

This is one I did not know about, but will be sure to use many times in the future….

Maximize Frame

To expand the current panel or frame to fill the entire Application window, press ~ (the tilde key). This is useful for quickly expanding the Timeline when you are using the Graph Editor, or whenever you want a detailed view of a panel. Press ~ again to return to your previous arrangement.


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Inspiration – Team Fortress 2 “Meet the…” series

This series of videos is one of my favorite video game related spin offs. Each character is fleshed out so well in just a short segment. The quality of writing and animation reminds me of Pixar, which is a huge accomplishment.

Check out the rest here.


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Inspiration – Monkey Business!

Space Worker by Guillaume Tiberghien is another cg society image I have always enjoyed. I suppose from the title that he must be some sort of grunt sent to fix or move big things, but I certainly wouldn’t want to get on that guys bad side. He looks like he has a mean streak. Or perhaps he is just late for his union coffee break?

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