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Tips & Tricks – AE hidden gems

I found this post on the After Effects Facebook page. If you are an AE user I highly recommend liking them on Facebook. I find a good amount of useful information through that.

This page is just a preview of an upcoming book, but I did learn a few small things. Hopefully the book will be even more useful.

This is one I did not know about, but will be sure to use many times in the future….

Maximize Frame

To expand the current panel or frame to fill the entire Application window, press ~ (the tilde key). This is useful for quickly expanding the Timeline when you are using the Graph Editor, or whenever you want a detailed view of a panel. Press ~ again to return to your previous arrangement.



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Ever need a vector logo for a company and not know where to look?

Brands of the World is a site that allows you to download vector versions of many common logos for free! Just check out all the stuff that showed up when I searched for “sony“, or “heinz“.


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