Inspiration – Team Fortress 2 “Meet the…” series

This series of videos is one of my favorite video game related spin offs. Each character is fleshed out so well in just a short segment. The quality of writing and animation reminds me of Pixar, which is a huge accomplishment.

Check out the rest here.



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Ever have a client ask you to change something? That’s a rhetorical question…

A co-worker sent me this. I laughed and cried a little at how true it was. This guy’s stuff is really funny.

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Ever need a vector logo for a company and not know where to look?

Brands of the World is a site that allows you to download vector versions of many common logos for free! Just check out all the stuff that showed up when I searched for “sony“, or “heinz“.


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Inspiration – Monkey Business!

Space Worker by Guillaume Tiberghien is another cg society image I have always enjoyed. I suppose from the title that he must be some sort of grunt sent to fix or move big things, but I certainly wouldn’t want to get on that guys bad side. He looks like he has a mean streak. Or perhaps he is just late for his union coffee break?

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I have wanted for a long time to have a place to post tutorials, inspirational images, videos, etc. This is now that place! I hope you get something from it. Check out the categories on the side to see all the different things posted. Also, check out Our Friends at the top to see some great work by great people. Lastly, feel free to post some comments. We would love to hear what you have to say about the “Inspirational” posts, or hear your results or suggestions related to the Tutorials. And hey, if you have your own suggestions for any of the categories, email me at



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Inspiration – Erwin Madrid

Sometimes I like to go to peruse the cgsociety forums to see what people are up to. They showcase some great things in their CG choice galleries, both 2D and 3D. This is an image I remember finding along time ago. After searching through a few hundred pages, I found it again. I love the simple beauty and the lighting is awesome. I really just want to go up there and have a glass of wine with that lady. I’m not even much of a wine drinker. That says something. Check out more of Erwin’s work on his portfolio page.


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Keying in After Effects

Here is a “tutorial” I came upon when trying to clean up a green screen I was working on. The issue I had was that the footage was becoming grainy when I used the Keylight effect. This process did not completely get rid of the grain, but improved it drastically.

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